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Professional Memberships & Networking

  1. Researchgate:
  2. Linkedin:
  3. Scientific Professions Syndicate (SPS), registration no. 41484 (1994-now).
  4. Bioencapsulation Research Group (BRG) (Nov.2010 – now).
  5. Arab Materials Science and Nanotechnology Network (AMSN) (2010-now).
  6. The Egyptian Society of Polymer Sciences and Technology (1995-now).
  7. The Royal Society of Chemistry, the UK, registration no. 352060 (ended 12/2004).
  8. The Egyptian Society of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (2005-now).
  9. Biochemistry Professionals Social Network
  10. Biotechnology YES Alumni
  11. Formulation Research and Development
  12. Horizon 2020, Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
  13. InTech Open Access Publisher
  14. Science Jobs
  15. The Biopharmaceutical CMC Group
  16. Team member in the International Relation Office (IRO), continent of Europe (2007-2008).
  17. Team member in the Project Formulation Committee (2009-2011). Giving lectures to researchers on "How to Win International Projects".